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climbing herbs of southeastern Asia having thick fleshy oblong leaves and naked unisexual flowers: Chinese evergreen

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23] investigated the effect of peat moss and date-palm wastes as substrates on growing of Aglaonema and their results showed that peat moss and date-palm peat were similar in some characteristics such as CEC, pH, EC and organic carbon but water holding capacity in peat moss was higher than date-palm peat and date-palm waste can be replaced with peat moss substrates.
The scheme uses 7-m-tall replica bamboo, near the Marks & Spencer outlet, with live planting beneath (Vreisia, Guzmania, Caladium, Chlorophytum, Croton, Nerogelia, Aglaonema and Spathiphyllum).
Sword lily, Rose, Carnation, Tuberose, Chrysanthemum, Yucca Elephantipes, Dieffenbachia Amoena, Aglaonema Treubii and Red Willow are among the main ornamental flowers exported from Iran to the above mentioned countries, he concluded.
For holidays, he also recommends scheffleras, silver queen, and aglaonema.
For instance, for a big floor pot use a tall plant, such as Yucca, Cordyline, Draceaena, Phoenix palm, Weeping Fig or rubber plant as the centrepiece and under-plant with colour-coordinating or contrasting foliage such as Begonia rex, Coleus, ferns and Aglaonema.
Zantedeschia aethiopica'' is the scientific name for calla lily, that white-spathed, rhizomatous plant that is not really a lily at all, but actually in the Araceae family of common indoor plants such as pothos, Aglaonema, spathiphyllum and philodendron.