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political propaganda (especially communist propaganda) communicated via art and literature and cinema

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In 201 reviews Zaniello describes traditional documentaries such as The Corporation, commercial efforts such as Rollover, purely agit-prop work such as Uprooted, satirical and humorous work such as the Auf Wiedersehen, Pet series, cinema-verite (A Decent Factory) and mockumentaries such as EPIC 2014.
When singers of this group, like Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie and others found a way to turn agit-prop in a down home direction, they set in process new relationships between performer and audience that would culminate in the modern folk protest song and the committed folksinger.
Within its labyrinthine corridors, you're certain to find at least one agit-prop theatre group rehearsing a ground-breaking drama, or a Vietnamese jazz combo laying down a challenging oriental groove or two.
Baraka inserts such agit-prop techniques as having "People leap up out of the audience crowd" (44) and "appear from audience or out in the crowd" (43).
If you're looking for a cheap night at home, a trip down memory lane, or discussion agit-prop for students and kids, then look for the following modern classics, all of which can be rented at a video store near you.
He notes Brenton's use of the metatheatrical "device of the play-within-a-play" as one example of the way "powerfully theatrical moments" work in "true agit-prop fashion.
By Jennifer Howard; Long Story Short -- Sandor Marai's literary life after death; Music -- Leonard Cohen's Dear Heather finds the Canadian folk prince at a dismaying stylistic dead end; Agit-Prop -- Eminem's Anti-Bush Video; New York Sound -- Fabolous; Now to Fix R.
Sizzling with agit-prop anger, righteous bile and lyrical passion, if it's not a No 1 the nation should hang its head in shame.
In the 1990s, it took protests, political actions, and agit-prop activism to get New York City's government to realize that prohibitive measures were necessary to fight the onslaught of HIV/AIDS.
Coleman demonstrates that Ellison's counter-aesthetics--his opposition to what he considered the deterministic and abnegating exigencies of protest and social realism--opened an artistic space for subsequent writers who adamantly eschewed the agit-prop literary imperatives championed by Wright.
He is never at a loss to spout soothing (or rousing) agit-prop rhetoric, but is singularly "challenged" in the department of ordinary human concerns and feelings.
Or what about the so-called "fair and balanced" right-wing agit-prop of the Fox News Network, which runs 24/7?
The exuberance of agit-prop and street demo has often dismayed older, wiser veterans of the self-same issues.
This study, too, is mostly measured in tone, though I note that the Hakim Bey comment that begins the chapter, plagiarism as a cultural tactic should be aimed at putrid capitalists, not potential comrades," seems no more than an anachronistic bit of Marxist (if not Soviet) agit-prop.
The Brady Center's latest anti-gun agit-prop piece, entitled Guns and Terror: How Terrorists Exploit our Weak Gun Laws, opens with a quote from President George W.