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Synonyms for ageism

discrimination against middle-aged and elderly people

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In a circular fashion, the use of animals in feasting was essential for establishing the kind of support networks (primarily with affines and agnates) that would agist animals, provide loans in the event of damage compensation claims, and provide political support to resist such compensation claims.
Age is an issue, with four-and six-year-olds being best, so let's be agist and lose Tungsten Strike, Carte Diamond, Far From Old, Greenwich Meantime, Gee Dee Nen, Mudawin, Desert Sea, Missoula, Inchnadamph, Akarem, Rationale, Arc Bleu and BollinDerek.
According to Kite, Stockdale, Whitley, and Johnson (2005), America has an agist society that has a "fascination with youth" (p.
agist Chelsea wanted midfield magician Modric, below, in the last window and Redknapp was forced to leave him out of the side for a brief spell because he felt his head wasn't right.
Language influences our attitudes and behaviour and can be used to reinforce harmful or hurtful stereotypes, such as those that are agist, sexist, racist and so forth.