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the ninth month of the Hindu calendar

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Significant military operations are now under way in Pakistan in the Mohmand and Bajaur areas in the north, while complementary operations are taking place on the Afghan side of the border so that "we are able to squeeze them and take advantage of those operations," he said, referring to Taliban and other elements opposed to the Aghan government.
In his part Aghan Economy Minister said Afghanistan needed to build infrastructure in areas of energy, water and agriculture.
Women say that they do this work after rice plantation during rain, at the end of Aghan or Poos month.
Most threatened was the gigantic effort to stand up an Aghan army with a view to replacing more than 100,000 U.
But thousands of newly released reports on meetings between Nato and Aghan officials, discussing everything from village schools to irrigation retaining walls, describe in day-to-day detail the breadth and depth of Nato's influence in the country.
This tower provid be "locked down", itors to hold meeti access to PowerPoin and audio streamin Sunderland Softw officer Bernie Calla added 3D element telephone or video works and sometim "Given the joys of ware City's chief executive aghan said: "It's got the as opposed to just the o link, which sometimes mes doesn't.
Massacred in Afghanistan in 1880, Queen Victoria personally pinned an Aghan War medal on his collar.
And there are increasing numbers of Aghan teenagers being brought in to the area to work illegally on building sites.
Huddersfield Sports Centre's operations manager Sarah Flan- aghan was delighted with the result.
Khan joined a Mujahideen group, the Jamiat-e Islami resistance, along with 60 of his men from the Aghan Army and began a steady rise through the ranks of the Muslim fighters as they pitched themselves against the Kabul regime.
Aghan Odero, a contemporary Kenyan storyteller who had the good fortune to grow up under the wise and whimsical eye of his paternal grandmother, says the training his Mama Misca gave him was rich in imaginative charm and ethical insight.
A farmer representative of Qalat, Aghan Jan presented the resolution to the participants of the mela, stating that farmers of Baluchistan condemn the CDA proposal and urging the government to reject such summary.
Bismillah Khan Mohammadi, Aghan defense minister said the problem of continued cross-border shelling from the other side of border was shared in Wales during the NATO summit.
Osmani said based on the clear and unambiguous recommendations of the loya jirga, the Afghan government was seeking assurances from the US on efforts to propel Aghan peace and reconciliation efforts forward and put an end to military operations on Afghan homes in accordance with the text and spirit of the BSA.
72,000, $ 100, 500 notes of Aghan currency from this car while another car with fake number plate (RIP-1027), seven mobile phones, six memory cards and one motorbike (RIO-8996) have been also recovered from them.