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Talmudic literature that does not deal with law but is still part of Jewish tradition

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It may be that in putting together aggadic statements from different eras this article is creating a "modern Midrash.
Surprisingly, there is not a single halakhic statement recorded in his name, and even his aggadic expositions are few.
The laws that define the nature of skhakh and require that the resident dwell under its shade reflect the aggadic conception that the clouds enveloped the Israelites on all sides.
The redaction of these three statements in the sugya was interpreted in light of the two additional aggadic statements cited merely because "R.
The Talmud states that the aggadic interpretation that Achashverosh would not allow the Temple to be built is based on interpreting the phrase half the kingdom as "a matter that divides the kingdom", an issue that is very divisive and which can bring trouble to the Persian Empire, dividing it in half.
Western scholars who have studied the "Tale of Harut and Marut" and grappled with its literary analogues have most frequently pointed to the Jewish and Christian parascriptural materials that envelop the enigmatic figure of Enoch and in particular to a curious medieval Jewish aggadic narrative known as the "Midrash of Shemhazai and 'Azael.
4) As several critics, including Jaime Alazrald, have pointed out, interpretations of the Torah can be categorized according to four levels: literal meaning, peshat; allegorical meaning, remez; Talmudic and Aggadic reading, derasha, and anagogic meaning, sod (Borges and the Kabbalah 39).
The aggadic portions of the Talmud normally are not utilized in deciding halakhah (NODA B'YEHUDAH, Yoreh Deah 2:161).
Instead, "Judaism has allowed its theology to remain implicit within its halakhic and aggadic writings" (74).
She is also discussed in the Kabbalah and in later Aggadic (Jewish oral history) traditions.
6) The basic idea behind this view is that the biblical text is chronologically earlier, more historically accurate, and more authoritative than the apocryphal or aggadic materials, and so the presence of the latter in the Qur'an represents error or confusion.
Traditionally, Talmudic statements can be classified into two broad categories: Halakhic and Aggadic statements.
As they declare in their introductory chapter, the authors are more drawn to the aggadic ("homiletic, legendary, theological, and ethical") as well as halakhic ("legal") traditions, rather than Judaism's more mystical and esoteric trajectories, including the scholarship of Gershom Scholem and others (13).
In aggadic literature, Moses, bargaining for his life, is willing to forfeit the latter to salvage the former (Blidstein 2008).
plus a mass of Aggadic material from the Rabbis, (37) flesh out the