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Talmudic literature that does not deal with law but is still part of Jewish tradition

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The following are well-known examples of extra-biblical elements that are known from apocryphal or aggadic sources and that also appear in the Qur'an: (1) Throughout the Qur'an, (8) Noah is presented as one who preached repentance to his contemporaries.
Where the aggadic text describes Kimhit's practice of covering all of her hair even at home as an exemplary practice, the Zohar transforms it into a prescriptive practice with dire consequences when transgressed.
For Conservatives, it may be sufficient to construct behavior based on meaningful interpretations of rabbinic texts and traditions, aggadic as well as legal, even when such a view is not shared by dominant authorities.
Obviously, these are aggadic or midrashic sources, which means they are in the realm of homiletics and theological fancy.
Another Talmudic source, (132) cited by Rabbi Calev (133) and discussed by others as well, (134) discusses an aggadic interpretation (homiletic tale) of the biblical story of Rachel and Leah.
The subject under discussion in this Aggadic (non-legal) passage is the nature of relationships, mar riage in particular.
Just how different is made clear by a citation Emmanuel Levinas selects from the tractate Shabbath, an aggadic text of the Talmud, concerning the covenant experience.
We will focus on the first portion of Genesis, from chapter 1 to 6:8, and on aggadic rather than halakhic matters.
Moreover, argued Bonfil, Rossi countered the severe pressures on Jews to convert by downplaying the value of aggadic literature as nonnormative and not to be taken literally.
In keeping with their roots in the Aggadic tradition, they resembled in both personality and actions biblical heroes such as Moses, Elijah and Jacob.
In addition to discussions based on the Mishnah and halakhic traditions, it also presents scriptural exegesis, commentary on the hagiographa, aggadic material, moralizing and rhetoric, historical traditions, medicine and natural sciences, and much more.
Many scholars have noticed that the aggadic midrash--that component of rabbinic literature relating to the Bible from a non-legal standpoint--produced by the Babylonian rabbis, in contrast to those from the land of Israel, is excessively literalistic and unaesthetic.
And a vision of a Halakhic methodology would then be one that would include the more conventional halakhic methods, but would also appeal to aggadic (narrative) texts that have withstood the tests of time to become normative Jewish theology and ethics.
A parable (number 23) is taken from Bialik and Ravnitzky's Book of Legends because the subject of this aggadic text, like that of the novel, is the futility of trying to control nature.
Rabbinical hermeneutics produces both the midrashic (also called aggadic or homiletic) and the halakhic, or legal, interpretations of the Torah, both of which constitute the Talmud and its various commentaries.