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a center equipped to handle a large volume of telephone calls (especially for taking orders or serving customers)


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And with agent turnover high even in today's challenging economy it pays to listen to those on the front lines so you know what to look for when seeking and sorting the replacements for those who have left.
To the extent that the insurance industry views agent turnover as excessive, the finding that the perceived probability of remaining in the profession is positively related to job involvement and professional commitment is important.
This research revisits one of the call center industry's most popular topics, following up on ICMI's 2007 research initiative on agent turnover and retention.
The first was a company that mentioned it had no agent turnover in 24 months.
The French market has a very skilled, multilingual and highly productive workforce, and one of the lowest agent turnover rates in Europe.
Still, Kelash points out that even during the turmoil of the merger, Thrivent Financial's agent turnover rote of 24% in 2002 was well below the industry average of 32%, according to Limra International, an industry trade group.
Manpower's contact center solutions address the obstacles to reaching those goals, such as high agent turnover rates, insufficient analytics and reporting, and lack of IT resources.
Consider the effects of two of the major issues facing the insurance sector today: agent turnover and heightened competition.
The new graphical desktop workflow capability within the dynamic agent desktop steps an agent through a business process and automates tasks behind the scenes; this new capability extends the dramatic increases in agent productivity, and decreased agent training costs associated with high agent turnover our customers are currently achieving with the Dynamic Agent Desktop.
In the contact center, standard agent turnover rates are typically 30 to 40 percent each year.
Today untrained, inexperienced agents often leave the job, adding to the burden of high agent turnover and absenteeism.
The tool, which can help reduce agent turnover 20% or more, enables call centers to improve agent retention by hiring employees based on their compatibility with organizational culture, according to Limra, a worldwide association providing research, consulting and other services to insurers and financial service companies.
To that end I would like to share these observations on what is typically the most important management issue in contact centers and that is high agent turnover.
In the context of today's global economic uncertainty, contact center agent costs, agent turnover, and agent training remain a continuous challenge for customer care executives, while agent outsourcing is not always a brand-positive option or even a consistent cost-reducer.
Although agent turnover rates have escalated since Dimension Data issued its first Benchmarking Report in 1997 -- with a 92.