Industrial Revolution

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the transformation from an agricultural to an industrial nation

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The Elements of journalism--and The News About the News:Amerz can Journalism in Peril, written by top Washington Post editors Leonard Downie and Robert Kaiser-are only the latest of many recent books that reassert the media's core "values" in an age of industry uncertainty, vocational self-doubt, and an ever-splintering audience.
Despite continuous attacks against pastimes described as immoral, irrational, irreverent and bloody-minde d, popular culture retained a remarkable vigor and autonomy even in the age of industry with its supposedly bourgeois character.
Shaped by functional and material economies, this container distribution centre in Hamburg's harbour station still has a powerful tectonic presence that recalls the heroic age of industry.
Europe 1789 to 1914; encyclopedia of the age of industry and empire; 5v.
This is a companion set to the 5-volume Europe 1789 to 1914; Encyclopedia of the Age of Industry and Empire.