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United States naturalist (born in Switzerland) who studied fossil fish

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The first nine chapters are designed to establish a working methodology, essentially that of Louis Agassiz, for studying all animals, focusing upon various kinds of insects as a training device.
In lieu of flowers, donations in Jennifer's memory can be made to Camp Agassiz Easter Seals Camp, c/o Easter Seals, 484 Main Street 6th Floor, Worcester, MA 01608.
Report on the Hydroida collected during the exploration of the Gulf Stream and Gulf of Mexico by Alexander Agassiz, 1877-88.
John McCrady, for example, studied with the renowned Swiss naturalist Louis Agassiz and was at one point in his career considered his successor at Harvard, and John Bachman collaborated with his friend John James Audubon on Quadrupeds of North America.
For those using the book for research, there is a thorough index (with subjects that range, literally, from acid rain and Louis Agassiz to the Williamette Meteorite and famous herpetologist Richard Zweifel)--plus there is an interesting center-section of photographs (and how DID James Shackelford get that donkey in the car with him, anyway)?
Among the progressively minded citizens of Boston was Pauline Agassiz Shaw, daughter of the famed naturalist and Harvard professor.
Other recipients included Teresa Peters from Agassiz, B.
Agassiz (Orf and Kennedy, 1994a) and Parker (Orf and Kennedy, 1994b) were used as susceptible controls.
During 1877-79, Alexander Agassiz made two cruises to the Caribbean and in 1880 one to Mid Atlantic and New England waters in the U.
A Swiss naturalist, Louis Agassiz (1807-1873), was among those who refused to accept these ideas-until he himself began to study the evidence.
And he gave immediate support to Charles Darwin's Origin of Species (1859) during discussions with Emerson at the dinner table as well as in this book--which involved repudiating one of the central tenets of his sometime patron, Louis Agassiz of Harvard.
Louis Agassiz began a 19-month expedition with his wife and six assistants to study the natural history of Brazil and add to his collection of specimens.
But Baker's interest turned more and more to the living theater, and in 1905 he opened his celebrated 47 Workshop, in which aspiring students were taught the art of playwriting and given the opportunity of seeing their plays performed, at first by their fellow students in the theater at Agassiz House.
The Lingman Lake prospect further north of Red Lake, which is being developed by Twin Gold Mines and Agassiz Resources, has reserves indicated in three zones - 1.
He was a familiar figure at the dinners of the Saturday Club, of which Emerson, Longfellow, Whittier, Lowell, Agassiz, and Motley were members.