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Synonyms for siesta

Synonyms for siesta

a brief sleep

to sleep for a brief period

Words related to siesta

a nap in the early afternoon (especially in hot countries)

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Matt Dartnall's bitch was seemingly in charge when leading early in the 695m decider only to lose her action approaching the third bend and drop back through the field with insult being added to injury when she was attacked by a wayward Afternoon Nap at the fifth turn.
He said he woke his father who was taking an afternoon nap and was planning to leave home with the family.
BOGUS callers stole cash after conning their way into a 92-year-old woman's home The victim was an afternoon nap in a chair at her home on Durham Road in Lanchester, County Durham, at around 3pm on Wednesday when she heard knocking at her rear window.
According to leadership experts, encouraging workers to take an afternoon nap could dramatically improve economic fortunes across the western hemisphere.
A leisurely stroll and an afternoon nap, plus cuddles and going to the beach.
Dubai An Indian servant yesterday denied the charges of peeping at a woman as she was wearing her nightdress while taking her afternoon nap in her bedroom.
Reportedly, whole family was taking an afternoon nap while children including Asim, 2-year-old, his brother Ashiq, 4-year-old, alongwith their cousins 6-year old Isha, 3-year old Mehtab and 2-year old Asif got themselves locked inside a car and resultantly died after an hour.
Shame, because driving a car fast is now about as thrilling as an afternoon nap.
might make you more productive because the biological drive for an afternoon nap is universal.
Mr Coyote, snoozing smugly by the life-saving bones, opened one eye and spotted the peculiar couple, intent as they were on spoiling his afternoon nap.
Unfortunately, Hampton took an afternoon nap, cut the corner at Cape Howe too closely, and Gipsy Moth crashed onto rocks right beneath two very surprised Gabo Island lighthouse keepers.
Rhett meant to stay hidden until Scarlett left, too, but his heart was alight with laughter and when Scarlett hurled crockery at the fireplace and fragments landed on his couch, he raised up, ran a hand through his sleep-rumpled hair and said, "It is bad enough to have an afternoon nap disturbed by such a passage as I've been forced to hear, but why should my life be endangered?
Dave Laubenthal's ``Watusi Lounger,'' a full-size rocking lounge chair made of wood slats, is more comfortable than it looks but probably not the place for an afternoon nap.
Not only wasn't the column done, but the house was a mess, and missing my afternoon nap had been a big mistake.
Condi could tell Dubya about that, if he has five minutes between golf practice and his afternoon nap.