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The mum of teenage triplets said: "As an after-dinner speaker at the Narberth food festival I had to read the story.
After-dinner speaker Mike Farrell provided entertainment and the money raised will be donated to Coventry Myton Hospice and the Insurance Charities
Healey, who retired from senior rugby almost three years ago, is now a broadcaster and after-dinner speaker.
Professor Brendan Kennelly was the after-dinner speaker and CIMA Ireland's case-study competition was launched at the same event.
The event, held at the Hilton New York Hotel and featuring NBC television journalist and "Meet The Press" host Tim Russert as the after-dinner speaker, raised a record $2.
As well as a chance to break bread with the new editor, Peter Alliss was after-dinner speaker, and comedian Dominic Holland provided a risque set.
The deal comes a year after Lavery, who has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe and was once voted best after-dinner speaker in Scotland, was questioned at a five-day disciplinary hearing.
Last year in Cavan, the after-dinner speaker was Irish rugby manager Eddie O'Sullivan and the yea previous in Inchydoney Co.
com - snooker portal and club directory from never-say-die after-dinner speaker, contains a host of treats, including an eye-moistening Where Are They Now feature - the late Bill "Lager, Lager" Webenuik's inclusion erroneously hinting at a theological element.
Sir Anthony Mason will be the after-dinner speaker.
Out of office, he became a popular after-dinner speaker, commanding high fees, enough to make him a millionaire.
For a change of pace, Neil de Grasse Tyson, the world's most well-known astrophysicist, will be an after-dinner speaker on "The Search for Life in the Universe.
An after-dinner speaker and concert compere, he has acted in his local drama group for 20 years.
NICK Clegg can now be booked as an after-dinner speaker - but it will cost you PS35,000.
Welsh after-dinner speaker Mike Lewis rounded off the entertainment.