Afro hairdo

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a rounded thickly curled hairdo

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For Christmas he asked his African aunt - a colourful figure with a spectacular Afro hairdo - to buy him a Hitler/Goering/Goebbels figurine set, which she did, despite enduring insults in the toy shop.
But Everton almost seized victory in normal time when Cech pushed out a Baines shot and Fellaini netted - only to be ruled offside by no more than the width of his Afro hairdo.
MAKOSI MUSAMBASI AND ANTHONY HUTTON (2006) Makosi become the coolest character of the summer with her fantastic Afro hairdo and casual flirtations.
Despite the new Afro hairdo, this is Ms Estefan as her fans know and love her.
DAVID JAMES thanked his Afro hairdo for rescuing a point for Portsmouth - as Kevin Keegan nominated the keeper as Footballer of the Year runner-up.
Ferrell also sported a huge afro hairdo as he promoted his new film Semi-Pro.
But Harrison - sporting a huge 70s-style Afro hairdo - endured a hair-raising finish as the underdog Scot battled bravely.
That's what's important to him now - which is why he got an afro hairdo for dancing to The Jackson 5's Can You Feel It.
The tiny pot-bellied holy man - who wears orange frocks and sports a 70s-style Afro hairdo - enlisted the help of one of the prince's most- trusted advisors.
WIFEY WEAR: Jodie Kidd, main picture, looks as if she's knitted her own Afro hairdo in a Ronit Zilkha top.
Kelis, distinctive with her huge ginger afro hairdo and retro-chic style, has already earned comparisons with the likes of Scary Spice and R&B queen Lauryn Hill of The Fugees.
It would have been a Paisley-patterned Simon shirt, flared trousers and a genuine afro hairdo.