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a rounded thickly curled hairdo

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DreamCo Design, the web design company who partnered with Afro Soulmates for the development aspect, believes the site is "poised to really push the threshold in redefining how good dating websites look and operate," says a member of their web design company.
Rugby-born Patricia has been specialising in Afro hairdressing for more than 18 years.
Their team has afforded the Afro Latin Jazz Alliance the privilege of assuming some of the responsibilities of this great organization.
Miss Abbott, who believes some white female teachers are afraid of black boys, said Afro Caribbean youngsters needed boundaries and strong direction from male mentors at an early age.
The Afro styles I was doing when I first started are now back in fashion, but with a '90s twist.
Euro-American counselors, in an effort to avoid confrontation with Afro-American clients, also might unquestioningly comply with the rhetoric of "Afro-American power," adopt a subservient role in the relationship, speak ebonies or use "black slang" to connect with the client, or show too much admiration for the ability of Afro Americans to "work the system" (Boyd-Franklin).
The Afro Card Company provides greeting cards for the UK, African and Afro-Caribbean population.
Jackson, join Afro in his tale of revenge as he searches for his father's murderer and the holder of the coveted number one headband.
With the exception of the Afro "blocks"--which are something like Mardi Gras krewes--where there is more interest in the costumes and the particular dance steps that have been passed down through generations, the trucks and the groups that parade around them tend to look and feel the same.
The Music in School program provides hands-on instruction in Afro Latin jazz to middle and high school students by world-class musicians, including O'Farrill and other members of his award-winning Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra.
Project Description : A mechanism for ongoing dialogue on the implementation of the rights of indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples with the participation of indigenous and Afro representatives and government institutions will be supported.
com)-- Always a bit of a rebel, Ruchi Vasishta, CEO of Funny Photo Remix LTD, has announced the release of Afro Cam, the first app from a young, ethnic female.
When his father's body is stolen from its grave, Afro is forced to pick up his sword again and wreak bloody vengeance against an army of deadly foes led by a sadistic mastermind.
VALENCIA - Polyester jumpsuits, sequined halter tops and unwieldy Afro wigs abounded Saturday evening at the annual Boys & Girls Club of Santa Clarita Valley auction benefit, where a ``Disco Inferno'' theme lured a return to '70s style.