African walnut

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tropical African timber tree with wood that resembles mahogany

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ICCG's new finishes are Kensington Maple, Monticello Maple, Amber Cherry, Biltmore Cherry, Fonthill Pear, African Walnut, and Solar Oak.
Unusual dark wood finishes such as zebra no and African walnut are very much en vogue,'' says Hugh.
The main focus of the refurbishment is the hotel's three front doors which will replaced by a single double door made out of sustainable African walnut.
A Have your attorney send a letter clearly stating that there is no record indicating that African walnut was specified and that unless such evidence can be produced, you as the client expect and are entitled to immediate payment.
The designers have invested in silk-lined walls, African walnut finishes and even mother of pearl gates at the entrance to the venue.
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