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tropical African plant cultivated as a houseplant for its violet or white or pink flowers

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Small African violets can be content on a bathroom vanity with filtered light.
Keep in bright but not direct sunshine and in about two months you'll have a baby African violet.
With African violets, remove a young leaf with stalk and push the stalk into a pot of seed compost until the leaf rests on the surface.
But according to Reinhold Holtkamp, the head of Optimara and Holtkamp Greenhouses here, the largest grower of African Violets in the world, the African Violet combines affordability with beauty, does not skimp on quality and is a flowering plant that will last far longer than the average cut flowers.
They were studying a pathogen which attacks popular house plant African violets and found that there are similarities with the pathogen which causes Anthrax in people.
African violets do best with 8 to 12 hours of ambient light but cannot tolerant direct light that will burn their leaves.
African violets like sun so keep it in a south-facing spot.
Commercial strawberries and potatoes are propagated this way, as are geraniums and African violets.
We did one project called water wicking of African Violets," says Lentz.
He grew African violets in an office filled with the aroma of Captain Black tobacco.
Today Teller, 76 and officially retired, still holds court at Livermore in an office decorated with African violets and pictures of mushroom clouds.
Scientists and violet enthusiasts alike have spent years crossbreeding to produce a diverse and vigorous breed of African violets, including bi-colored flowers.
Many unusual African violets and Gesneriads will be available for sale, as well as pots, soils, fertilizers, and more.
With routine feeding, bright light and warmth, African violets will flower several times a year, ranging from pink, mauve and blue to violet.
Propagate African violets, begonias and streptocarpus by taking leaf cuttings.
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