African violet

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tropical African plant cultivated as a houseplant for its violet or white or pink flowers

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Through the decades, African violet growers have tinkered with the purple, rose and white blooms.
Research and development are vital to our business," explains Reinhold Holtkamp, President of Holtkamp Greenhouses in Nashville, Tennessee, the world's largest African violet grower.
But according to Reinhold Holtkamp, the head of Optimara and Holtkamp Greenhouses here, the largest grower of African Violets in the world, the African Violet combines affordability with beauty, does not skimp on quality and is a flowering plant that will last far longer than the average cut flowers.
African violets (Saintpaulia) are great favourites, and their botanical name derives from Walter von Saint Paul, a soldier in the former German colony of Tanganyika who originally sent seed back to Germany.
Take hardwood cuttings of dogwoods Stock up with fresh African Violet cuttings
For those who love African violets and want to know more there is The African Violet Handbook by Tony Clements (David and Charles, pounds 12.
The family firm specialises in developing and growing colourful Streptocarpus plants, which are a relation of the African Violet.
African violet (Saintpaulia) It has become a favourite houseplant in this country largely because it can flower at almost any time of the year and comes in a variety of rich colours from deep purples to reds, pinks and corals, plus multicolours, white with pink or purple fringes, variegated leaves and miniatures.
Someone created a yellow-flower African violet, and they made a fortune.
The miniatures come in a full range of African violet colors: pink, rose, white, lavender, purple, and bicolors.
She insists that anyone who can grow an African violet can certainly handle a Phalaenopsis, as long as they're careful not to over water the beautiful blossoms.
Here we take you through the process with an African violet.
There are many different shades of poinsettia, cyclamen and begonia available now, or what about an African violet, or even an orchid?
You will find that a miniature plant grows from the base in the same way a miniature plant will grow from the base of an African violet leaf.
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