African mahogany

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African tree having hard heavy odorless wood

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This study aimed to adjust the sap flux equation proposed by Granier to African Mahogany and relate its transpiration to leaf area and evapotranspiration.
One of the reasons for the introduction of African mahogany in Brazil is its resistance to one of the main pests that attacks the native mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla King), named meliaceae shoot borer (Hypsipyla grandella Zeller - Lepidoptera: Pyralidae ), whose larvae destroy the apical region of the host plant and cause deformation and scraping, resulting in wood depreciation (Newton et al.
Moreover, mixed plantations of African mahogany species have been proposed for reforestation effort and to restore ecosystem function of the dry semi-deciduous forest zone in Ghana.
Most of what we have sold has been used as an African mahogany replacement and sometimes in place of cherry.
He noted the building has two courtrooms, along with related robing and conference rooms, which make extensive use of African mahogany.
Many of these woods--including Big Leaf Mahogany, Spanish Cedar, Caribbean Pine, Ipe, Rosewood, Teak, Ramin, Merbau, African Mahogany, and Okoume--are difficult to manage sustainably as they typically grow in low densities in natural forests and regenerate poorly after logging.
Across the road in Penuel Chapel you might be personally threatened with the imminence of hell and damnation in a sculptured world of highly polished African mahogany as you sat among a sea of pews below a raised and carved bardic pulpit like a lift-off platform to the other side, but when you went to pee, you were in a green Atlantis down below.
They're available for order in all of their standard Exotic Hawaiian woods to match their other drum models as well as in traditional African Mahogany stained or natural with Hand Buffed Gloss or Satin finishes.
The six-story Worcester Trial Court, the state's newest and largest free-standing court complex, features 26 courtrooms, 14 elevators, a marble staircase rising from a massive first-floor atrium, marble benches and countertops, African mahogany woodwork, and state-of-the-art security, recording and climate-control technology.
He also is experimenting with oil palms said to produce roughly 10 gallons of biodiesel a year at six years and growing pheasant wood, African mahogany, Queensland maple, and other tropical hardwoods.
Rick's "projects" have included building and installing the desk and storage drawers in his architect's studio, both made from black laminate trimmed in African mahogany.
They also followed a color scheme that echoed the building's ornate, antique structural detailing--terra cotta, black, cream, green, gold, and bronze--and echoed the old Victorian feel using African mahogany throughout public spaces.
company that's trying to sell lumber and veneer that it claims are at least in part African mahogany.
A watercolour based on an Exmoor scene, Tarr Steps, by Morris Hatfield, of Church Lane, Ash Green, Exhall, was commended, as was the wood carving in African mahogany, called Girl Dressing, by Ralph Bennett of Broad Lane, Coventry.
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