African grey

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commonly domesticated grey parrot with red-and-black tail and white face

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It was also reported an African grey parrot, seven tortoises, one python and two lizards were stolen.
African grey parrots can live for 60 years or longer and are highly intelligent, with the ability to mimic human speech.
Maria thought it might be her missing parrot Presley - an African grey who escaped last autumn after an intruder opened his cage door - but it's a younger bird she believes is around nine months old.
She is urging anyone who may know of someone who has recently acquired an African grey parrot to get in touch in case someone has taken Presley in, not realising he is missing.
We have already conducted workshops for Customs officials to train them on identifying birds under CITES, including African grey parrots," said SCE Biodiversity directorate senior environment specialist Nouf Al Wasmi.
Thriving wild populations of the African grey parrot were once widespread throughout west and central Africa.
The man Stuart's Today, an African Grey parrot would cost about PS750.
Key words: melanoma, neoplasia, syrinx, avian, African grey parrot, Psittacus erithacus erithacus
Demand for African greys, who are known for their intelligence--they can have vocabularies of more than 100 words--and longevity, has remained high even though the international trade in wild birds was outlawed in the 1990s.
Bulgarian customs officers have seized 10 African grey parrots which a Bulgarian citizen tried to bring into the country from Turkey without proper documents required under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).
Q: Boofie, a nine-month-old African grey parrot, has been biting his feathers out since I had a holiday three weeks ago.
To test whether social isolation accelerates telomere shortening, Denise Aydinonat, a doctorate student at the Vetmeduni Vienna, conducted a study using DNA samples that she collected from African grey parrots during routine check-ups.
A thief broke in the home near to the Crow's Nest pub, in Crowhill, on Sunday morning and stole the African Grey parrot, known as Jak.
A RELIEVED bird owner has thanked RSPCA Cymru after the animal welfare charity reunited him with his African Grey Parrot, Jake.
Summary: An African grey parrot is proving a big attraction at a zoo in South Korea with its large repetoire of impressions.
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