African grey

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commonly domesticated grey parrot with red-and-black tail and white face

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Zeus the African Grey reunited with owner Christine Docherty (main) and with sixth formers from Mold Alun High School who found and returned her (inset) Main picture: HADYN
Of the 8 million parrots in the United States, none was more famous than Alex, the African grey who spent 30 years in the loving care of Dr.
Ruby, another African Grey, a much-loved pet at an Ashton, Tameside, garden centre, was banished for obscene swearing in front of shoppers.
The RIs for the total WBC counts were first calculated by using the data from known clinically normal birds in African grey parrot (n = 161), Amazon parrot (n = 71), and cockatiel (n = 54) categories by previously described methods.
London, July 29 ( ANI ): George, an African Grey parrot told a man who tried to rescue it from a busy road to "b***er off" before pecking him wildly.
Barry Crowther spent yesterday searching through Radford and Daimler Green for his parrot - an African Grey.
African grey parrots not only learn to talk, but outperform human two-yearolds in a test of intelligent reasoning.
African Grey Alex - who says 'Hello Alex' and 'Do you want a grape?
But disaster struck when his African Grey, Finlay, was startled by a visitor's knock on the door and flew off.
Woody, an African grey, can recite Spain's national anthem and also says "hello" and "bye".
Former cabbie Mark is naming the pounds 800 African grey parrot Kez and plans to teach it to slag off the TV reality star.
The African Grey bird flew in through an open window in Kennedy Gardens, in Billingham, causing quite a flap.
The African Grey, who speaks in "a deep manly voice", was found in the city's Drungeith Road.
Drayton Manor Park and Zoo boss Colin Bryan put up a reward following the theft of six African grey parrots from the attraction at Fazeley, near Tamworth.
The African grey, with a red tail, escaped from a house in Connah's Quay on Sunday at 7pm.
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