African gray

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commonly domesticated grey parrot with red-and-black tail and white face

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CHEWS: Sam with Charlie, the African Gray parrot Picture by ANGIE WEAL
She is vigilant in protecting the 250 birds on her property, which is filled with Amazon and African gray parrots, macaws and cockatoos.
Death is certain in life, but in the meantime you have to be as happy and productive as possible,'' Hartwell said Friday as her African gray parrot, Johnny, repeated selected phrases intermittently, showing off his 300-word vocabulary.
Nearly two dozen people from Pomona to Malibu came to the West Valley animal shelter to claim an exotic African gray parrot that flew its coop in Porter Ranch last week.
An African gray parrot was found flying around Porter Ranch, but so far it's not talking about the identity of its owner.
Her birds include four varieties of cockatoos; Amazon parrots; long tail parakeets including moustache, Indian ring neck, plum heads and Princess of Wales; African gray parrots; sun conures; six varieties of love birds; and 100 cockatiel mutations.
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