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in the Army, it is my experience that African languages are another animal entirely.
wholly traditional, that is, purely oral, expressed in exclusively indigenous African languages, or images, and coming from or alluding to the precolonial .
For these reasons, developing African languages to be able to function at a technical level and to disperse technical information to a lay level,
To that end, Nzimande is also proposing establishing African language research chairs and conducting audits of schools' African languages departments.
Through the African-Origins website, those with knowledge of African languages and cultural naming practices can suggest these links.
If a source document, for instance, originates from the United States where a jury system is in place, this incongruence may cause problems for the legal translator working in African languages.
Through pioneering research he proved that Gullah was a Creole language with words and a distinctive grammar derived from African languages and that African Americans had retained some African customs.
As the festival progressed it became apparent that despite the odds and the seemingly intractable obstacles such as disagreement over Setswana spelling and the financial viability of publishing in African languages, there were in our midst those who are actively composing, writing, publishing and performing Setswana creative works, the ultimate homage to Plaatje "our first Motswana man of letters".
It is worthwhile to mention that in the entire Southern Africa, while terms such as Lusophone and Anglophone are used to refer to Portuguese and English, respectively, these terms are themselves misnomers, because the vast majority of the inhabitants of the region speak neither Portuguese nor English, but indigenous African languages.
These range from Swahili to Arabic, Croatian, Latvian, Kurdish and many African languages.
The words wa, zo, and bia translate as "come" respectively in Yoruba, Ibo, and Hausa, three prominent West African languages.
The "Straight Talk Radio Show," which first aired in May 1999, is 30 minutes long and broadcast in nine African languages.
Today, Amity Press publishes the Bible in eight Chinese minority languages and in Braille; it has exported more than 800,000 Bibles in English, French, African languages, Russian and Spanish to various countries around the world.
The crushing of the independence war in Ibo Biafra in the 1960s did not improve matters in Nigeria, while in South Africa there is still a large native underclass speaking African languages only.
Developed specially for the film by a language centre in England, Ku is a cross between Swahili and Shona, two common African languages in Eastern and Southern Africa.
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