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a potent carcinogen from the fungus Aspergillus

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Aflatoxins are poisonous metabolites produced by Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus.
There is no reason why there can't be many more brilliant African scientists in the world, but aflatoxins make that much less likely.
Shahjhan Hashmani, USAID Consultant, informed that USAID extends support to the growers to prevent aflatoxins.
Caption: It is thought that aflatoxins may play a role in up to 28% of all liver cancer cases globally.
While some of the published research has established that aflatoxins are found in fresh produce commodities grown in Pakistan and marketed in Arab countries, Europe, and in domestic markets, only limited and random scientific research supports the evidence of presence of the specific quantities and types of aflatoxins in specific fresh produce commodities.
By considering the importance of mycoflora with reference to aflatoxins, the present study was conducted to monitor aflatoxin-producing Aspergillus flavus and determine mycological quality of finished commercial broiler feed in and around Quetta district.
2003) reported that Aflatoxins are hepatotoxic, hepatocarcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic and immunosuppressive.
Acetic acids have been used to decrease the growth of harmful fungi and reduce secretion of aflatoxins.
Aflatoxins are secondary metabolites produced by species of fungi such as Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus.
For aflatoxin degradation, the strains could produce some enzymes which would break the aromatic structure of the aflatoxins.
com)-- Bioo Scientific recently announced the launch of the MycoFlow[TM] Total Aflatoxin Strip Test Kit for the rapid detection of total aflatoxin in corn, corn grits, corn meal, rice, wheat, soy, peanut, pistachio, and coconut.
On March 10, Health Minister Wael Abu Faour drew the nation's attention to the high number of spices in markets across the country containing bacterial contamination and the presence of hazardous aflatoxins.
Aflatoxins grow in warm and humid climates and are usually found in rice, barley, corn, pistachio, chestnut, cottonseed and peanuts.
Aflatoxins are the most potent carcinogens of mycotoxins and are the most commonly found toxin in chilli spice.