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The technical committees can work on these issues (technical issues) to implement this agreement and connect Afghanistan to Europe in the closest way," MoCI spokesman Musafir Quqandi said.
As noted above, using its US supported presence in Afghanistan, India is attempting to poison Afghan people against Pakistan by carrying out negative propaganda and actions to sever Pakistan's age old socio-economic and trade related links with Afghanistan and impede Pakistan's trade with Central Asia.
Both sides discussed security situation in Afghanistan at length.
More than anyone else, the sitting government of Afghanistan can play a major role to bring peace in Afghanistan, though collectively we have to find a way to a better future,' NSA reaffirmed, while talking to British envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan Gareth Bayley, who called on him here on Tuesday.
Both sides agreed that both Pakistan and Afghanistan should resume engagements at all levels to include government, diplomatic, military, intelligence and more so from people to people.
Before throwing light on the basic problem in Afghanistan it is important to note that President Ghani's disclosure that the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) could not withstand the Taliban insurgency for more than six months without US support reveals utmost incompetence of more than 300,000-plus members of the ANDSF.
Kabul [Afghanistan], Dec 27 ( ANI ): India and Afghanistan on Wednesday inaugurated the second air corridor between Mumbai and Kabul.
All countries would help Afghanistan to establish peace, he added.
It is not clear how and where Hikmatyar entered Afghanistan but his entry into Kabul and his picture taking guard of honor walk along with Afghanistan President, Ashraf Ghani smiling together made it on the pages of many international media around the world.
So far friendly ties between India and Afghanistan always remain as a source of anxiety for Pakistan.
First, the Finish Foreign Minister expressed pleasure that Finland and Afghanistan have had good relations for years and that Finland is committed to further strengthening ties and expanding cooperation with Afghanistan.
Pakistan's strategy in the direction of Afghanistan is constantly exaggerated by Indian influence.
One is that the Americans are going to leave Afghanistan - let's make no mistake about it.
Afghanistan faces a difficult and uncertain internal situation in 2015 and beyond.
More information about Afghanistan is available on the Afghanistan Page and from other Department of State publications and other sources listed at the end of this fact sheet.
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