Afghan hound

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tall graceful breed of hound with a long silky coat


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And there will be a selection of canines from across Wales on show, too, including a number of Afghan hounds, Australian shepherds and Shetland sheepdogs.
uk VICTIMS 1 Setter 1 West Highland terrier 1 Shitzsu 1 Afghan hound 2 Shetland sheepdogs
Chris Amoo, of British soul group The Real Thing, with his Supreme Champion Afghan hound named Viscount Grant in 1987
Take Max, for instance, one of four Afghan hounds owned by Mr Elfed Wild, a shopkeeper of Hill Street, Maerdy.
The Afghan Hound (Afghanistan), Arabian Greyhound (Morocco), Galgo Espanol (Spain), Kyrgyz Taigan (Kyrgyzstan), Pharaoh Hound (Malta), Rampur Greyhound (India), Saluki, Sloughi (Middle East), Tuareg Greyhound (Western Sahel), and Turkish Tazi (Turkey) are moderate in size and weight.
then of the British censors--the way an Afghan hound loses hair in summer--before its release.
He needs to drink the rainwater from a werewolf's footprint to transform himself into Chihuawolf and win the heart of his beloved Natasha, a beautiful Afghan hound.
Eighty-two breeds are represented in their study, from the Afghan hound to the Yorkshire terrier.
A high proportion of deaths from respiratory disease was expected in Bulldogs due to their brachycephalic airways, but finding that respiratory disease accounted for the highest percentage of deaths in the Afghan Hound and Vizla was unexpected.
The clones were born last week after being produced in co-operation with a team of Seoul University scientists who created the world's first cloned dog in 2005, a male Afghan hound named Snuppy.
The puppy was grown from a cell taken from the ear of a 3-year-old male Afghan hound.
Snuppy-shorthand for "Seoul National University puppy"- a male Afghan hound born in April is now 14 weeks old, according to wire service reports.
The new puppy--dubbed Snuppy by the scientists after its birth at Seoul National University on April 24--is the genetic double of a 3-year-old male Afghan hound.
I think it would be an Afghan Hound as I have lots of blonde hair and am quite laid back.
There's a Persian that can open doors; an Afghan hound that adapts to costumes; a cat named Booger weighing in at more than 20 pounds; and Spot, the English springer spaniel who happens to live in the White House.
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