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a fundamentalist Islamic militia


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Some Afghan Taliban feel that elements in the Pakistani security forces want to manipulate the Afghan insurgency for their own purposes.
A tussle has reportedly continued among Afghan Taliban leaders over the succession, which led to indefinite postponement of Pakistan-brokered peace talks between Taliban and the Afghan government after a first round held in Pakistan in July.
A statement from the Foreign Office said the talks have been postponed following the resulting uncertainty in wake of the recent reports of death of the Afghan Taliban leader.
A spokesman for the Foreign Office declined to comment on the death of the former Afghan Taliban leader but did say Pakistan was investigating reports of his death.
Unknown gunmen also shot dead a senior Afghan Taliban leader Noorullah Hotak in Quetta city of Pakistan in December 2013.
Karzai reportedly agreed to Pakistan's request to jointly fight against terrorism, but on conditions that (1) all terrorists are targeted without discrimination, (2) civilians are not harmed in the fight against terror, (3) Pakistan releases all detained Afghan Taliban leaders who support peace in Afghanistan, (4) all terrorist hideouts and support centres are eliminated, (5) Pakistan stops artillery shelling on Afghan territory, (6) Pakistan and Afghanistan coordinate their anti-terrorism efforts with important regional nations like India and China, (7) there should be a roadmap for bilateral coordination and contact to take the war on terror forward, the report said.
Security officials say Abdul Ghani Baradar, Pakistan's highest-ranking Afghan Taliban prisoner, was freed Saturday.
The release of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, a founding member of the Afghan Taliban and a former deputy to the movement's leader,had been repeatedly urged by Kabul, which is hoping to stir new life into peace efforts as foreign combat troops prepare to finish withdrawing from Afghanistan late next year.
Mullah Baradar had fought the occupying Soviet forces in the late 1980s in Afghanistan and became a trusted friend of Afghan Taliban commander, Mullah Omar.
Pakistan is to release from jail a top Afghan Taliban leader to help speed the peace process.
Pakistan on Saturday announced the release of seven detained Afghan Taliban militants to facilitate the Afghan reconciliation process.
Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Baradar whose release President Karzai wants from Pakistan in the hopes of reviving the peace talks.
Summary: The Afghan Taliban have claimed responsibility for an explosion outside the Afghan defence ministry in Kabul that killed nine civilians and wounded 14.
Afghan Taliban who are fighting for their homeland, we consider them freedom fighters.
Summary: Human rights group Amnesty International said Wednesday that Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar's call for fighters to reduce civilian casualties was "hypocritical.
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