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Synonyms for afferent

transmitting impulses from sense organs to nerve centers


Synonyms for afferent

a nerve that passes impulses from receptors toward or to the central nervous system

of nerves and nerve impulses

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Influence of peripheral afferents on cortical and spinal motoneuron excitability.
Rabchevsky, "Intraspinal sprouting of unmyelinated pelvic afferents after complete spinal cord injury is correlated with autonomic dysreflexia induced by visceral pain," Neuroscience, vol.
Open tender for the supply and delivery in the form of kits, fungible afferents to levies of suspects DNA, victims, condemn, and other individuals on behalf of the Federal Justice.
Long-term regeneration of abdominal vagus: Efferents fail while afferents succeed.
The onset and duration of each period of vibration was based on normal gait kinematics [11] to activate somatosensory afferents according to muscle stretches associated with joint movements during gait (Figure 2(a)).
Le second projet de decret-loi abroge et remplace la loi N 120-12 relative a l'annulation des majorations, amendes, penalites et frais de recouvrement afferents aux taxes, droits, contributions et redevances dus aux communes, prefectures et provinces, et regions, y compris la taxe urbaine et la taxe professionnelle non recouvrees avant la date de la publication de ce decret-loi au bulletin officiel, a conditions que ces contribuables et redevables acquittent le principal desdits taxes, droits, contributions et redevances avant le 31 decembre 2013.
Researchers have known for years that these afferents respond to skin vibrations, but they studied their responses using so-called sinusoidal waves, which are smooth, repetitive patterns.
CGRP, a neuropeptide, is present exclusively in the neuronal bodies of the C-fibre afferents and also known to be inhibited by the neurotoxin capsaicin.
Les membres des deux commissions generales de l'Assemblee du peuple et du Conseil consultatif ont examine, avant-hier samedi, les 296 propositions concernant les aspects techniques et des procedures afferents a la formation de l'Assemblee constituante.
Development of central nervous system (CNS) afferents and early
3 Considerable evidence derived from both animal and human experiments suggests that specific afferent input to the spinal cord such as hip proprioceptors, Group-I muscle afferents and plantar cutaneous afferents play a significant role in modulating reflex transmission during walking and standing.
Reciprocal Ia inhibition involves Ia sensory afferents from the muscle spindle.
Contributors working in pharmacology, anatomy and physiology, neuroscience, pain research, neurobiology, anesthesiology, and other fields in the US, the Netherlands, and Japan discuss technical advances in tract tracing, gene therapy, endocannabinoids, cannabis, siRNA gene studies, and the role of glia, cytokines, P2X receptors, and ATP, as well as visceral afferents in disease, nociceptor sensitization, highly specific receptor cloning, chronic pain syndromes like fibromyalgia, imaging, drug discovery, and modular mechanisms relevant to painful neuropathies.
One of these differences is that the discharge rate of Ia afferents from muscle spindles during eccentric contraction is higher than that during other types of muscle contraction, since an eccentric contraction involves the development of tension in the muscle spindle while the whole muscle is being lengthened (Burke, 1978; Ribot-Ciscar and Roll, 1998).