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Synonyms for Ethelred

king of the English who succeeded to the throne after his half-brother Edward the Martyr was murdered

king of Wessex and Kent and elder brother of Alfred


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Within four years he had been succeeded by the indomitable Earldorman Aethelred, who secured an alliance with Alfred of Wessex by marrying the king's daughter, Aethelflaed.
A later Aethelred expanded the church in the early 10th century, as Chester was revived to protect Mercia's northern frontier.
But, as in the world of AEthelred and Beowulf, Alexander is also not immune to treachery: having offered a reward to paem us cuplice gelaeddon purh pa uncuoan land, "those who led us courteously through that strange land"(18), his men suffer terrible mangling and death in the water.
v] the obit date of King AEthelred II (`viij kalends maij') has been inserted above the passage of the Brut recording his death (in 1016).
In the eighth century, Osred I (705/6-716) was murdered "south of the border"; Oswulf (758) was murdered by his household family; Aelfwold I (779-88) and AEthelred II (840/1-844) were likewise murdered.
Wulfric's will, and the king's confirmation of it, was set down while King Aethelred was holding his Christmas court in 1004, probably in Shropshire.
Made up of more than 40 hammered coins dating from the reign of Aethelred I in 865 to James I between 1603-25, the auction at Richard Winterton Auctioneers', Lichfield, attracted attention from all over the world.
His responsibilities downwards to his men (and for that matter upwards to his own lord Aethelred, who would, we assume, have preferred the slaughter of the Vikings to the loss of an ealdorman and his men) should have weighed more upon him than his own desire to "give minstrels matter for mighty songs.
Chronicles of the reign of Aethelred the Unready; an edition and translation of the Old English and Latin annals.
She was married off to Aethelred (not the Unready one) who was a Mercian leader and an ally of Alfred's against the Vikings.
By his first marriage Malcolm had at least one son, Duncan (the Donald who died in 1085 might have been another), and by his second marriage six sons: Edward, Edmund, AEthelred, Edgar, Alexander, and David.
He was 22 when he took the throne after the death of his brother Aethelred.
The Kingdom of Mercia was known for being an aggressive, expansionist land under Kings Penda, Wulfhere and Aethelred.