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one who professes great sensitivity to the beauty of art and nature


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To the extent that aesthetes are successful in prolonging the illusion, they are exceedingly lonely people, always yearning for someone to enter their illusory world and share with them the pleasure of ice cream cones, macaroons, second movement crescendos, play of light and shadow, cool breezes, or whatever sensory phenomena have provided the basis for their heightened experience of the "ideal present," the "mystic now.
Unfortunately for the aesthetes, the cultural-survival argument founders just as badly as its too-small-to-matter counterpart.
Psychology, based in physiology, which developed as a science by the efforts of Alexander Bain, Charles Darwin, and Herbert Spencer, came to the rescue of would-be Aesthetes.
Having perfected a mode of colorful post-painterly abstraction that winks to theory-heads and aesthetes alike, he's lately gone gigantic: Davenport's recent fifty-nine-foot-long wall work at Tate Britain was a delirious multihued parade of syringed dribbles, and a similar centerpiece is planned for this, his first retrospective.
Freedman takes special note of the fact that all the British Aesthetes he discusses were at once middle class and in vulnerable positions as "outsiders," with Swinburne as an exception in each case (p.
This was the time when the Queen Anne style was revived by British architects and it was the perfect model for the houses wherethe Aesthetes took up their abodes and where they were hell-bent upon living up to their teapots and fashionable blue and white ginger jars.
For Mandler, the uniqueness of the English reaction to a cultural and national heritage makes sense only "if we fix our attention on clusters of anxious aesthetes and intellectuals" whom he credits with the "'English tradition' of rural nostalgia.
So separating trash becomes a sort of religious ritual, a tiresome procedure that citizens are put through (or environmental aesthetes put themselves through) to prove their fealty to Mother Earth, whether or not they're doing her any favors.
Now one of San Francisco's most colorful landmarks is being yanked back to the land of the living, to entertain new generations of diners, drinkers, and aesthetes.
Set in a Tuscan paradise that Bertolucci makes dizzyingly beautiful, the film sends a virginal 19-year-old American (Tyler) into a villa full of jaded aesthetes, then stands back to enjoy the ripe consequences of her visit.
But what about the middle-class aesthetes that he dismisses--the legions of angry men and women who fought the Forest Service to save western forests and spotted owls, and the grassroots greens who now struggle to save islands of biodiversity?
Athletic Footwear Makers Look to Aesthetes, not Athletes; and Look Overseas for New Consumers
From Felicie Bernstein, who imported French Impressionism to Berlin, to Berta Zuckerkandl, journalist-midwife of the Vienna Secession; from Ada Leverson and Genevieve Straus, who reigned over Belle Epoque aesthetes in London and Paris, to Gertrude Stein and her Cubists; from the Stettheimer sisters in New York to Salka Viertel's emigre circle in Hollywood, vivacious Jewesses fertilized the flowers of modern culture with conversation and contacts.
THERE was some surprise in the circles of aesthetes, artists and cafe habitues when Roy Strong announced that he was abandoning his bachelor life to marry Julia Trevelyn Oman, the theatre and opera stage designer.