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(Norse mythology) the chief race of gods living at Asgard

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His fishing companion is the giant Hymir, owner of a mile-wide cauldron the Aesir wanted to gain for themselves for brewing beer.
Actually, Kipp thinks Aesir may just be downright oblivious about the trappings of consumerism as its founder, Jensen, says he is 'sick of opening the newspaper and having adverts for 200 new televisions in my face.
En el primer nivel se encuentran: Asgard, mundo de los Aesir o Ases (1), que se encontraba en el centro del Midgard--mundo de los hombres--; Vanaheim, tierra de los Vanir o Vanes, dioses menores asociados con la fertilidad, la sabiduria y la profecia; Alfheim, tierra de los elfos de luz y morada del dios Freyr, que se encontraba dentro de Asgard.
It is, incidentally, in this context that Vernadsky draws on the Ynglingesaga to speculate that the gods of the sagas, the Aesir, are a "mythical facade" over the historical Asi, i.
In Max Payne, for example, the final boss is Nicole Horne--the ruthless and corrupt ceo of Aesir Corporation.
Aesir Metals LLC, Struthers, Ohio, recently gave Rep.
Some are descended from AEsir, some are descended from elves, some are daughters of Dvalin.
A guy rushed in and said, aeSir, Spain has collapsed'.
The Peterborough-based Aesir in Britain has a range of projects which take the ducted-fan concept further by exploiting the Coanda effect.
It's here that "Max Payne" goes quite literally to Hell, as the disillusioned detective realizes a link between Aesir and the pushers of a powerfully addictive drug that induces fiery visions of winged, Valkyrie-like demons.
This might not have been historically true, but it was accepted and adopted by the Nazis through the projection of the amoral and lawless behavior of the Teutonic family of the Aesir.
Odin and his brothers emerged victorious, and the deluge of blood from the battle was so great that all the enemies of the Aesir (except one Jotun couple) drowned.
In his view it was not Coifi who attacked the shrine at Goodmanham but Bishop Paulinus; the name Coifi is both a by-name of Woden and a reference to the bishop's hood; the whole story alludes to the cult-war of the AEsir and the Vanir.