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(Norse mythology) the chief race of gods living at Asgard

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His fishing companion is the giant Hymir, owner of a mile-wide cauldron the Aesir wanted to gain for themselves for brewing beer.
Danish company Aesir is producing a mobile phone that it designed to last you a lifetime, according to an article on the Guardian.
In Max Payne, for example, the final boss is Nicole Horne--the ruthless and corrupt ceo of Aesir Corporation.
Aesir Metals LLC, Struthers, Ohio, recently gave Rep.
Some are descended from AEsir, some are descended from elves, some are daughters of Dvalin.
A guy rushed in and said, aeSir, Spain has collapsed'.
The Peterborough-based Aesir in Britain has a range of projects which take the ducted-fan concept further by exploiting the Coanda effect.
And without the context of sacrifice, the gods' behaviour in throwing missiles at Baldr appears as mere childish horseplay--a rather demeaning depiction of the AEsir, the intellectual wing of the Old Norse pantheon--which sits oddly with the catastrophic consequences of their actions: the death of Baldr is said to be the greatest misfortune ever to have befallen the gods.
Three years after the events of Runemarks, Maddy Smith, one of Thor's twin daughters, is more powerful than the fallen gods of the Aesir and Vanir, thanks to the runemark on her hand.