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Synonyms for anemometer

a gauge for recording the speed and direction of wind

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Like the original AeroVane, the AeroVane II from Firenock ($24.
The Firenock Aerovane II ($25/36) has a true whole-piece airfoil with a continuous change of thickness and curved surface that improves flight path and speed.
Made specifically for fletching Firenock's Aerovanes, the Aerovane Jig is 100-percent CNC machined from aluminum, brass and stainless steel.
An innovative new company, Firenock, offers two new vanes, the Aerovane and the Aerovane II.
Prime examples include Arizona Archery Enterprises' Plastifletch Max, New Archery Products' QuikSpin ST Speed Hunter and Twister vanes and Firenock's Aerovane I and II.