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The counts of aerobic bacteria and yeasts decreased to a lower level ([10.
A total of 160 useable samples from surfaces from the nine hotel rooms and housekeeping carts were obtained and tested for aerobic bacteria using the APC method.
Aerobic bacteria associated with the surface and whole bodies of bed bugs were identified, but a similar systematic study of protozoa, fungi, and viruses would add substantially to our understanding of the natural microbial diversity of these insects.
Aerobic bacteria compete for organic carbon with SRB's and IRB's isolated under biofilm and in stagnant parts of the system.
After controlling for other dietary variables, the scientists found significant increases in microbial counts for Bacteroides, Bacteroides fragilis, and total aerobic bacteria.
7]) with sterile water and the diluted sub-samples were plated on 5 different selective media to isolate various groups of microbes including (1) overall aerobic bacteria, (2) fluorescent pseudomonads, (3) actinobacteria, (4) overall fungi and, (5) entomopathogenic fungi.
Legionnaires' disease is a non-contagious infection that leads to pneumonia, caused by an aerobic bacteria belonging to the genus Legionella.
Sinus aspirates and ground tissues were inoculated onto 5% horse blood agar, MacConkey agar, chocolate agar and thioglycolate broth for aerobic bacteria and incubated at 35[degrees]C for 24-48 hours.
The system makes use of aerobic bacteria and sand filters to rid ground water of fluorine, arsenic and iron.
When the grease enters the water, it stops the aerobic bacteria breaking down the sewage.
Phenol degrading aerobic bacteria are able to convert phenol into nontoxic intermediates of the tricarboxylic acid cycle via an ortho or meta pathway [11].
The second phase envisages purging in an oxygen enriched environment--accomplishing the dissipation of aerobic bacteria in the optimum manner possible.
coli and Salmonella) and aerobic bacteria significantly decreased.
number of total aerobic bacteria thus suggesting "that food animal transport in open crates introduces a novel route of exposure to harmful microorganisms and may disseminate these pathogens into the general environment.
The air diffuser pipe(s) are arranged at a position lower than the vertical position of the inlet such that an aerobic zone and an anaerobic zone can be formed in an upper part and a lower part of the treatment tank to effect degradation of soluble organics in the organically-polluted water primarily with aerobic bacteria and to effect degradation of solid organics in the organically-polluted water primarily with anaerobic bacteria, respectively.