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Synonyms for aerial

of or relating to air

imposingly high

so light and insubstantial as to resemble air or a thin film

Synonyms for aerial

a pass to a receiver downfield from the passer

existing or living or growing or operating in the air

Related Words

characterized by lightness and insubstantiality

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Aeriel view of the Walthamstow car park (marked), offered for sale as a development plot
B'ham Philip Higginbotham Jefferson County International Baccalaureate, B'ham Charlotte Mae Crowther Kent Jefferson County International Baccalaureate, B'ham Molly Kathleen kirkpatrick Brooks High School, Killen Kathryn LeCroy Jefferson County International Baccalaureate, B'ham Aeriel Murphy Wetumpka High School, Wetumpka Christopher Dean Romanczuk Randolph School, Huntsville Melissa Renee Snow Patrician Academy, Butler Kirstin Sockwell Jefferson County International Baccalaureate, B'ham Whitney Kiara Thomas Ramsay High School, B'ham
It is about a young girl named Aeriel who saves her new husband, a darkangel, from White Witch.
But Stoke's aeriel threat was genuinely threatening and skipper Dominic Matteo missed a closerange header before Mama Sidibe's awful scuffed shot went past.
A woman, Ofemi Hightower and two men, Terrance Aeriel and Deshawn Harvey, were killed.
Howard, Kyle Lam, Paige Negoro, Daphne Pariser, Maxx Rifkin, Warren Sayles and Aeriel Scott.
Cahill had already again exposed an aeriel weakness in the Spanish defence when he headed narrowly over from Arteta's leftwing cross when another high ball brought the home side level on 42 minutes.
Robson had briefed his players on Basel's aeriel threat.
As a toolmaker for local firm Aeriel Industries plc, he is regarded by work colleagues as one of the lads.
Robert Stilt is chairman and CEO of Shady Grove, PA-based Grove Worldwide, a $900 million manufacturer and designer of mobile hydraulic cranes and aeriel work platforms.
Love y| always, from Daughter Shelagh and family, Evan, Ethan, Nathan and Paula, James, Nathan and Jason, Regan and Aeriel.
The workers at the National Grid who witnessed this aeriel spectacle were left shattered as the birds crashed through their office windows.
An aeriel view of Coventry city centre and a painting of Bayley Lane in the 1840s - both used in Peter Walters' new book.
AERIEL DUEL Action from Northumberland Under-18s' clash with Cheshire - Northumberland are in red
Carroll at least showed some commitment and in the first half his aeriel power proved troublesome to a visiting defence still reeling from the demolition they suffered at Everton.