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Moore, USAF, The Art of Aerial Warfare (Maxwell AFB, AL: Air University Press, 2005), 17, http://dtlweb.
As Turkey had announced its impartiality, Turkish pilots were never assigned in active aerial warfare or bombardment flights.
The operation and use of dive and torpedo bombers became a classic of aerial warfare.
The Precision Revolution is not for the weak of heart, rather a trealise on the full spectrum of GPS and its role in aerial warfare that should grace the reference library of any professional with a need-to-know.
Oettermann compares the decline of the panorama to that of the hot-air balloon, which by the end of the nineteenth century was no longer a symbol of Enlightenment hope, but rather a vaguely menacing presentiment of the society of surveillance - and perhaps the horror of aerial warfare - in the century to come.
These examples, of course, could also be defined as aerial warfare or special operations.
The book includes a forward by Vice President Richard Cheney and presents the inside story of the aerial warfare of Operation Desert Storm.
Three new technologies were introduced into naval warfare during that period: aerial warfare, amphibious warfare, and submarine warfare.
While accentuating the nature of the aerial warfare the Air Chief emphasized, "Combat training in the PAF is maintained at the highest pedestal of realism and responsiveness to meet the contemporary challenges.
JF-17 Thunders operated in multiple configurations alongside other PAF platforms in various combat / support roles which encompassed all spheres of aerial warfare in near war like environments.
Most of us probably imagine that at some indefinite time in the future, aerial warfare will be fought from a master control center hundreds of feet under the ground, protected by many layers of concrete and steel.
This documentary follows two elite modern-day pilots as they face the same extreme challenges the aviators of the First World War faced in order to find out how aerial warfare changed so quickly in just four years.
Known as the Airborne Laser (ABL) weapons programme, the system aims to send an invisible, ultra-powerful laser beam from aircraft hundreds of miles from their targets, and could one day alter the nature of aerial warfare.
By 1918, aerial warfare had reached 'an impressive maturity of both purpose and achievement'.
AC MILAN ace Kaka last night admitted that his side are worried about the threat of Peter Crouch and are preparing for aerial warfare.