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undetermined Cereals Cereals, Cerealia undetermined Cereals, Cerealia rachis segments Wild Goat grass Aegilops grasses Goat grass, Aegilops spikelet base Brome grass Bromus Eremopyrum Grass Type 1 Poaceae spp.
Aegilops cylindrica Host; Jointed Goat Grass; Along railroad track on west side; Rare; (* #); C = 0; BSUH 11546.
Characterization of the Wx--gene in diploid Aegilops species and its potential use in wheat breeding.
TM) ]System by UC Davis to assist, among other projects, in completing the genome assembly of Aegilops tauschii, one of three progenitors of today's bread wheat.
Seventy-eight out of the 127 grass grains had the size and morphological characteristics found to be shared only by Triticurn, Aegilops, and/or Hordeum, members of the Triticeae tribe of grasses, leading us to propose an AHT starch group (Piperno et al.
We used seed from three California populations of Aegilops triuncialis (barbed goatgrass) to investigate variation of the strength of maternal and sibling influences on the smaller seed of dimorphic seed pairs typical within this species.
However more recently the search for new alleles has been extended to ancient wheat's [11-17], but Polymorphism studies in relative wheat species, as the Aegilops genes, have been very limited [14, 18].
Comparison of genetic variati on among accessions of Aegilops tauschii using AFLP and SSR markers.
It is just as grammatically incorrect, in my opinion, to consider the alphome and one of its transposals as anagrams of each other unless that alphome is a word in its own right, AEGILOPS being the superlative in this context
Herbaceous plants of the Mediterranean maquis area that are very rare or not found in other refugia of the Near East are Arena sterilis, Hordeum bulbosum, Aegilops geniculata, and Anchusa strigosa.
Grains of durum wheat and Aegilops of those were pre germinated in Petri dishes at room temperature (25[degrees]C) in the dark.
Additional evidence of genome-specific control of chromosome pairing comes from amphiploid hybrids between Aegilops ventricosa Tausch and Secale cereale (Orellana et al.
Leaf rust on Aegilops speltoides caused by a new forma specialis of Puccinia triticina.
The D genome of bread wheat is found on the diploid level in Aegilops squarrosa (= A.
In Aegilops geniculata, a spike consisting of 2-5 but usually 3 spikelets, is the dispersal unit.