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Expression and suppression of resistance to greenbug (Homoptera: Aphididae) in synthetic hexaploid wheats derived from Triticum dicoccum x Aegilops tauschii crosses.
Utilization of concentrate diets containing acorns (Quercus aegilops and Quercus coccifera) and urea by growing Awassi lambs.
2006) explaining the introduction and successful invasion of the barbed goatgrass, Aegilops triuncialis, from both the Mediterranean Basin and Asia into California, despite their genomic uniformity.
05, respectivamente) y dos especies de pasto (Poa bulbosa y Aegilops umbellulata, P <0.
El trigo duro y el trigo de pan son el resultado de la introduccion de los genes de una hierba silvestre, Aegilops, en el trigo primitivo.
Both maternal and sibling suppression of germination have been observed in barbed goatgrass, Aegilops triuncialis L.
Maternal and Sibling Influences on Seed Germination of Aegilops triuncialis, Erin Scott, Dr.
Additional evidence of genome-specific control of chromosome pairing comes from amphiploid hybrids between Aegilops ventricosa Tausch and Secale cereale (Orellana et al.
These include Agropyron and various species of Aegilops.
Edaphic natural selection of allozyme polymorphisms in Aegilops peregrina at a Galilee microsite in Israel.
In environment there are a number of examples of crops and relatives weeds with reproductive compatibility, such as wheat (Triticum aestivum) and Aegilops cylindrica, canola (Brassica napus) and wild mustard (B.
Applicability of Aegilops tauschii drought tolerance traits to breeding of hexaploid wheat.
Categories of resistance to green bug (Homoptera: Aphididae) biotype I in Aegilops tauschii germplasm, J.