Aedes aegypti

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mosquito that transmits yellow fever and dengue

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Dengue, a viral disease caused by the bite of the Aedes egypti mosquito, a distinctly striped species of the insect that thrives on clean water, has been endemic in Pakistan since 2004, when the first major outbreak occurred.
In 1977 (this was some time before Kiple's book-length studies were published), it was confirmed that the eggs of the Aedes egypti mosquito could host the living yellow fever virus for a considerable length of time (the process known as lateral transmission).
Scientists in Colorado last year showed that it may be possible to make Aedes egypti mosquitoes refractory to the virus that causes dengue fever.
We are covering Korangi today and would move towards Landhi tomorrow, he said mentioning that besides fumigation all ponds and water drains are also been covered to get eliminated larvae of Aedes Egypti causing dengue fever.
However, as the first line strategy all leakages in water supply lines must be immediately plugged as the mosquito Aedes Egypti causing the fever mainly breed in fresh water, they said.