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a newspaper columnist who answers questions and offers advice on personal problems to people who write in

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The Ask Uncle Slash advice column will begin running June 2013 on howdoidate.
html) "The Ethicist" advice column , written by Chuck Klosterman for the New York Times.
read Coleen Nolan's advice column on April 3 (Shall I tell him she's got HIV?
She was the original advice columnist who began writing an advice column when she was a 21--year--old high school graduate for Pennsylvania's 'Harrisburg Telegraph' and "'Teen Topics" is a collection of her newspaper personal advice columns published from 1940 through 1942 dealing with subjects of particular interest to her teenage readers.
When asked where to invest pounds 100,000 via his Family Advice column in the Huddersfield Examiner by a Mrs.
He tracks the evolution of the advice column from the late 19th century to the present time and conducts a content analysis of the genre as it shifted focus from the dispositions of women and courting practices in the early stages to more explicit discussions of sexuality and connected societal concerns such as violence, medical procedures, and legal rights in the current era.
The activities range from writing an advice column, to book & film reviews, to a television program script, to cartoon dialogue, and more.
In Fairies, Phryne is asked to solve the murder of Miss Lavender, a writer/illustrator obsessed with fairies, who also writes an advice column for a woman's magazine.
Mr Rhode has written a succession of self-help books and is featured regularly on US television and radio as well as in a syndicated advice column.
Also, Atom from Atom and His Package has an advice column (again, what the fuck?
Ask the Coach is a practical advice column to answer your questions about medical leadership issues and physician executive concerns.
In addition to overseeing annual toy feature, Millner edits Parenting's Ages and Stages section, the Reality Check advice column, the Playtime craft section, and assigns larger features.
RHI/Accountemps contributes a monthly advice column for students, "Ask Andy," to the AICPA Web site.
THROUGH MY website advice column, I'm inundated with email from frustrated teachers and choreographers who feel that today's young dancers don't seem to possess the commitment or dedication to rehearsals and/or classes that young dancers once did.