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an advertisement that is written and presented in the style of an editorial or journalistic report

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What's more surprising is that over half of the adverts and advertorials reviewed didn't contain a specific drink responsibly message, other than making reference to the alcohol industry-funded Drinkaware website.
Trai also recommended that in case of advertorials, a clear disclaimer should be mandated to be printed in bold letters stating that the content has been paid for.
We saw the Panda and the Penguin updates wreck havoc on websites and web pages that carried unnatural links and now we see changes (updates) in the link scheme outlined in Google's guidelines for web masters warning con artists about adding keyword rich anchor text to large scale guest posts in blogs, articles, advertorials and press releases.
Al-Harthi said that Sayidaty operates a clean policy on advertorials.
RQ 1: What is the production practice of advertorials like?
NEIGHBOURS (FIVE) Zeke realises Paul is manipulating him into reading out the advertorials over the air, and when Rebecca fails to side with him, the teenager makes a drastic decision that puts the very future of PirateNet in jeopardy.
9 million and involve television, radio and online advertisements, as well as advertorials in women's magazines, in November and December.
9m and involve television, radio and online advertisements leaflet drops and advertorials in women's magazines in November and December.
Cartoons, jokes, word scrambles, air safety procedures and tourism-oriented advertorials all came together to form a general interest magazine for a grateful if captive audience of military personnel.
Alternatively, paid advertorials guarantee coverage but lack the credibility of genuine editorial.
Since advertorials are paid advertisements, the advertiser has complete control over what gets said, and how it's written.
In 2004, under pressure, The Oakland Tribune agreed to drop sports advertorials produced partly by sports-news staffers and unlabeled as ads.
You could also do promotional writing, such as press releases and advertorials for fashion PR companies.
Examples include the introduction of a front-page banner; ear lugs, branded advertorials and partial cover wraps.
Other work funded by the pounds 1m campaign includes export initiatives at shows in France and Italy, a series of advertorials and a healthy beef recipe book- let distributed through magazines and newspapers.