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was my first thought after reading the advertisement.
He continued to publish the advertisements for which he no longer received pay.
I read the advertisement once more before replying.
The long-legged veteran, who had been besieging the fire-iron, as before related, now took down his cumbrous length, and rearing aloft his tall form, walked up to the advertisement and very deliberately spit a full discharge of tobacco-juice on it.
Observe how we will turn this seeming disaster into an advertisement; an advertisement for our soap; and the biggest one, to draw, that was ever thought of; an advertisement that will transform that Mount Washing- ton defeat into a Matterhorn victory.
But now, at last, on a flaming June day, she found herself happy; her tedious wait was ended; her year-worn advertisement had been answered; and not by a village applicant, no, no
I don't know what put such an idea into his head, unless it was some advertisement that he saw in one of the American papers that are published here.
As he glanced down the advertisement column, with his head thrust forward and the paper flattened out upon his knee, I took a good look at the man and endeavoured, after the fashion of my companion, to read the indications which might be presented by his dress or appearance.
There was one by the side of the bed and reaching for it he pointed out an advertisement.
In Wordsworth's prefatory advertisement to the first edition of The Prelude, published in 1850, it is stated that that work was intended to be introductory to The Recluse: and that The Recluse, if completed, would have consisted of three parts.
And it is SACRILEGE to have it degraded to the level of a baking powder advertisement.
Notwithstanding his increased comfort, however, he was looking perplexed, even a little worried, and the cause of it was there in front of him, in the advertisement sheets of the various newspapers which had been duly laid upon his table.
Starvation stared me in the face, when I saw in a newspaper an advertisement addressed to me by Mr.
Victor, for instance, said that immediately he landed in San Francisco he would pass right through the water- front and the Barbary Coast, and put an advertisement in the papers.
And from here Caxton sent out the first printed advertisement known in England.