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acting against or in opposition

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Plea bargaining has changed the criminal justice system from an adversarial system into something more resembling an administrative model.
office of the public defender is essential to our adversarial system.
71) While the adversarial system is rarely mentioned among the established causes for wrongful convictions, it forms "the context [and] the backdrop" of wrongful conviction cases.
The adversarial system is to be understood as a procedural system "involving active and unhindered parties contesting with each other to put forth a case before an independent decision-maker".
He said in the adversarial system of administration of justice the litigants parties have to prove their case therefore; responsibilities lied on the shoulders of the lawyers especially in our society where there is lack of education, awareness and financial constraints to hire a counsel in order to protect their legal rights.
Nonetheless, he does also find that Euro-legalism remains a less adversarial system than its United States counterpart.
He said the judges are working in an adversarial system in which someone asserts one's right and the other denies it, someone contends for one thing and the other pleads against it.
of Utrecht) explore the extent to which the British legal system has moved from an adversarial system in which the tribunal judges evidence gathered and presented by both parties, to an inquisitorial system, in which the tribunal actively seeks the truth in the case.
Anything that can simplify what is now a complex and sometimes adversarial system can only be welcomed.
an adversarial system, special counterterrorist courts have been
It is a non- adversarial system, whereby courts ( called Lok Adalats) are organised by the state authority, district authority or the Supreme Court Legal Services Committee.
We finish up with a brief look at the interplay between the adversarial system of jurisprudence and the admission of scientific-based expert testimony to the courtroom and how Daubert and Frye based defense strategies have defined the scope by which a pathologist can offer expert witness testimony.
Speaking at a conference at Ansty, near Coventry, Sir Nicholas Wall said separating parents "rarely behave reasonably" and a less adversarial system was needed in the family justice system.
He once described Britain's adversarial system of justice as "an invitation to the police to commit perjury, which they frequently do".