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the act of playing for stakes in the hope of winning (including the payment of a price for a chance to win a prize)

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In a study of online food marketing to children (Moore and Rideout 2007), only 18% of the marketers' Web sites were found to include ad break reminders, but details about where these announcements appeared--that is, whether they were in proximity to an advergame or to other online content--were not provided.
Advergames do not come across as intrusive compared to strategies such as pop-up ads for example, yet allow users to play an active role in advertising.
This Comment's analysis of advergame regulation suggests that courts should refrain from treating advergames and other advertising hybrids as highly protected noncommercial speech.
True to its "You play, we pay" tagline, the multi-site Advergame Network, anchored by the flagship NetWinner.
The thought behind GameWok is to make the process of creating and implementing an advergame as easy as tossing ingredients into a wok and quickly cooking up a ready-to-consume game," added Menon.
Since advergame playing is an enjoyable experience, a feeling of being present in the advergame can produce more positive evaluations of the brand and the game (Nicovich 2005).
There are several companies that produce advergames.
Wyndstorm Corporation (OTCBB:PKCM), the ideas to revenue social media company, has invented an easy way for advertisers to prove the value of their video real estate and for advertisers to rollout advergames at a fraction of the cost of testing and launching typical video advertising.
Advergames are advertising disguised as entertainment.
The AdverGame Network is dedicated to casual games because that's where the audience is," says Coapman.
The NetWinner AdverGame Network, anchored by the flagship NetWinner.
They will play some of Buzztime's most popular multiplayer games: SIQ Sports Trivia, VH1 - World Series of Pop Culture advergame, Dodge Rush Of Your Life advergame, Discovery Channel Mythbusters advergame, Blur pop culture trivia, Get Reel(TM) movie trivia, Spotlight(TM) entertainment trivia, and Playback(TM) music trivia.
NetWinner Adds new AdverGame to Fast Growing Online Network
The IAVA's W Award was presented to nFusion for the advergame Adopt-A-Sloth, created to promote 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment's DVD release of Ice Age 2: The Meltdown in 2006.
In 1995, he created the football trivia game Two Minute Warning, the first Web-based advergame, for the NFL and sponsored by Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.