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the word class that qualifies verbs or clauses

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The development elements should provide, in addition to some special adverbs, all bound conditions of analysis include equilibrium equations, tension separation, bound condition and surrendering index.
No sensitive ear can fail to be shocked, if the following examples are read aloud, by the strangeness of the indicated adverbs.
Fourteen contributions address striving for control, mapping the impact of "genre" in spoken British English, a comparison of grammatical colloquialism and the English quasi-modals, a semantic-pragmatic map of English adverbs, and modal verbs in news-related blogs, among other topics.
The categorial space between adjectives and adverbs has been the subject of much discussion, among others, on account of their formal, syntactic and semantic proximity.
I read a book full of adverbs a couple of months ago, and it really came across as lame.
The following linguistic means play an important part in the mechanism of scientific text cohesion formation: articles, conjunctive adverbs, adverbs, parenthesis, deictic units, prepositions and verbs that are predominantly used in scientific style.
It has sections which don't advance the plot, overuse of adjectives and adverbs and the characters aren't well developed.
It is not difficult to discover words ending in -LY which are adjectives as well as adverbs.
We remain in the demotic 'devastated' and 'gutted' when affected but above all, bereft of less threadbare adverbs to express our anger and powerlessness as victims.
Adverbs modify verbs, as well as adjectives and other adverbs, which might also be dramatized initially, with the semi-concrete, and abstract learnings following in sequence as achievement advances:
Clauses can be subdivided into phrases, centered upon nouns, verbs, prepositions and adverbs.
Titled Monument to Change as a Verb, this 14 foot X 18 foot piece features 308 adverbs that light up in specific sequence and groupings choreographed by the artist and is intended to enhance the student and visitor experience through interaction with the dynamic, intellectually engaging work of art.
We hated having to learn by rote and we really couldn't see the point - a bit like algebra and knowing the difference between adverbs and adjectives.
Poorly written prose is characterised by verbs that rely on adverbs to increase accuracy.
Advertisements that include lots of adverbs like "really" and "very" should be suspect, along with exclamation marks as they denote false enthusiasm.