Adriatic Sea

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an arm of the Mediterranean between Slovenia and Croatia and Montenegro and Albania on the east and Italy on the west

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K-Sea Transportation has now operated the Adriatic Sea for six months with the new engines and has realized significant savings in fuel and lube oil consumption.
The CCVTs have been in use in offshore applications since 1976, providing continuous unattended power on unmanned platforms in the Adriatic Sea and Atlantic Ocean for international companies such as AGIP, TOTAL and ELF.
With a population of about 3 million, Albania is a mountainous, forested country bordering the Adriatic Sea.
USS WASP (LHD 1), also an Atlantic Fleet ship, is deployed in the Adriatic Sea, and is scheduled to return to Norfolk in February.
This project will provide Europe with energy security by carrying natural gas from the Caspian region to across Europe, with routes from Greece and Turkey through to Albanian and the Adriatic Sea before eventually reaching Southern Italy.
The Albanian ambassador in Rome, Pandeli Pasko, presented a list Sunday with 117 names of Albanians he said had been aboard the boat when it went down, including 34 survivors who were taken from the waters of the Adriatic Sea on Saturday.
Title: Strengthening common reaction capacity to fight sea pollution of oil, toxic and hazardous substances in Adriatic Sea
Thousands of Albanians have fled the troubles, crossing the Adriatic Sea on rickety boats to Italy.
The TAP project provides gas from the Caspian region through Greece, Albania and the Adriatic Sea to Western Europe.
The helicopters, flying from ships in the Adriatic Sea, began airlifting Americans and others last Friday, using a soccer field not far from the American Embassy.
The MOSE project will protect the Venetian Lagoon from being submerged by the Adriatic Sea and protect the famous city of Venice and the neighbouring areas from flooding.
Officials said two Marine amphibious ships also are expected to leave the Adriatic Sea and head into Mediterranean waters in case they are called upon to sail further south.
National Action Plan (NAP) includes 12 priority investment projects for Mediterranean area of BiH, which will be implemented to reduce pollution of Adriatic Sea and includes basin of Neretva and Trebisnjica rivers and coastal area of Neum, PR Office of BiH CoM stated.
All summer long in the port town of Molfetta, patrons clad in bikinis and surf shorts party at Bloom Beach Bar, positioned on an enviable plot of land overlooking the Adriatic Sea.
The European Union will finance the construction of the Corridor 8 railway line, which should connect the Black Sea with the Adriatic Sea and pass through the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.