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  • noun

Synonyms for adoption

Synonyms for adoption

a ready taking up of something

Synonyms for adoption

the act of accepting with approval

a legal proceeding that creates a parent-child relation between persons not related by blood

the appropriation (of ideas or words etc) from another source

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The 2007 NSCH survey found that adopting parents were likely to be married, to be educated, to live in safe neighborhoods and to have health insurance.
Birth Mothers looking to create an adoption plan and hopeful Adopting Parents looking to adopt turn to Adoption Network Law Center for assistance.
Adopting parents have also published accounts of their experiences, deepening an understanding in the United States of the difficult circumstances that have given rise to the large number of orphaned children.
Adopting parents can use the tax credit up to five years after the adoption is finalized.
In the surrogacy situation, neither the surrogate mother nor the adopting parents may feel responsible, and both sides may think they have a legitimate right not to assume responsibility for the child.
The struggle adopting parents have to go through to get their children could be eased by the new register
The child's eligibility for subsidies is based on the child's needs, not on the income of the adopting parents.
Originally, it served the needs of the adopting parents - for example, to guarantee a male heir, to continue a family business, or to care for the adopting parents in their old age.
As soon as the adoption becomes final, the adopting parents should obtain an SSN for the child and notify the IRS of the new SSN.
Youngsters in that investigation included 157 interracial adoptees, 42 white adoptees, and 167 biological children of the adopting parents.
Prior to the development of the online registry, the South Carolina Department of Social Services or adopting parents were required to place advertisements in newspapers to provide legal notice to unknown biological fathers.
After Illinois officials conducted a due diligence review of ANLC's practices and policies, it was agreed that ANLC could continue providing its services to Adopting Parents in Illinois so long as ANLC formally registered with the DCFS as an out-of-state law corporation.
The term "additional paternity leave" applies to new fathers, same-sex partners and adopting parents and came into force on April 6, 2010.