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any handsome young man

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(Greek mythology) a handsome youth loved by both Aphrodite and Persephone

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Infomercial Adonises pitch elliptical trainers and recumbent cycles far more vigorously than Ronald McDonald pitches McNuggets.
Part II: Adonises in underwear: The new male beauty ideal, articles originally appeared in The Boston Phoenix.
But maybe the majority of Liverpool's crew-cut Adonises are just looking for that fresh start.
Star performance Euro Leader, for his Kerry National win under top weight Bronze Adonises
We're not all Adonises with washboard stomachs and good looks which is part of the reason I get cast a lot.
A horde of body-slapping cavemen suddenly shed their scraggly duds, transforming themselves into a chorus line of bikini-clad Adonises.
Lovely young girls in white gloves and gowns; adorable young Adonises escorting them; and proud parents bawling at the sight--no wonder the tradition continues.
It also noted that this vice, previously associated only with "aristocrats, wits, and Adonises," now infected the populace as a whole.
If there were no bronzed Adonises on TV then my work would dry up immediately," he says.
There are two wounded Adonises, a Prometheus sprawled on a rock with an eagle pecking his liver, two wounded Philoctetes with bow and arrow, a Philopoemen removing a spear from his thigh in bronze and numerous other bronze gladiators wielding swords.
In a very short time, the adonises at the beach will be 30 and fat," Flemming declares.
As he roams the town, Adam crosses paths again with Mike, who introduces him to the local male nude revue bar, where delirious women thrust dollar bills at gym-toned Adonises.