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German Nazi dictator during World War II (1889-1945)

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WHEN I was just a small boy (1939) Adolph Hitler decided he would take over the world, and with all the up to date modern technology available at that time he successfully invaded several neighbouring countries walked through France, but never managed to get to England, thanks to the management of Winston Churchill.
Adolph Hitler, intent on conquering the world, makes a pact with evil alien entities to provide him the military might he needs to overwhelm any country or alliance that might stand in his way.
Even Adolph Hitler thought it more important than Obama to get to Paris.
Bush, with Saddam Hussein portrayed as threatening western freedom just as Adolph Hitler once did.
I beg to dier; T S Pabla has obviously never heard of a certain Adolph Hitler.
6 ( ANI ): Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has likened Russia President Vladimir Putin to Adolph Hitler and Russia-Ukraine dispute to Nazi Germany.
Convinced that the liberal French government has undermined the moral values of his country, World War I hero Paul-Jean embraces the false promises of Adolph Hitler and pledges support for MarA[c]chal PA[c]tain's puppet French government.
bookmark which had surfaced, apparently given by Eva Braun to Adolph Hitler which had been stolen in 2002.
History shows the utter havoc, misery and destruction caused by people who have no sense of morality; Adolph Hitler is just one example.
I guess if your name is Adolph Hitler, or Stalin or Pol Pot or Hiller the baby killer you might think it is a perfectly normal thing to do.
After the experiences of Kaiser Wilhelm and Adolph Hitler in the last century, and that of Napoleon before, it is remarkable scholars find it necessary to warn us of the difficulties in fighting two conflicts at once.
And this Adolph Hitler figure even came with an adjustable right arm for Sieg Heil salutes.
Later on, I understood that the alleged links were between Wagner's family and Nazism, since the classical composer Richard Wagner had died on February 13, 1883, while Adolph Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, i.
Adolph Hitler was racist and, ironically, it was racism at home that kept African Americans from seeing combat against him.