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a provision in a law that confers on appropriate officials the power to implement or enforce the law

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147) When the Oklahoma legislature voted in 1910 to move the capitol to Oklahoma City, the federal government sued to have the action enjoined as a violation of the state's Admission Act.
The Court first stated that an admission act could confer no power on Congress not conferred by the Constitution.
While Coyle does involve the invalidation of a state admission act clause under an equal footing analysis, it does not advance the county supremacists' cause.
Minnesota,(157) the Court analyzed such a clause in the Minnesota Admission Act.
To ensure an equal footing for the new state of Oregon, the Admission Act required that "all navigable waters of said state shall be common highways and forever free, as well as to the inhabitants of said state as to all other citizens of the United States, without any tax, duty, impost or toll therefore.