General Services Administration

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a central management agency that sets Federal policy for Federal procurement and real property management and information resources management

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Recommendation: To improve the effectiveness of the suspension and debarment process, the Administrator of General Services should place a warning on the Federal Supply Schedule Web site indicating that prospective purchasers need to check EPLS to determine whether vendors are excluded and explore the feasibility of removing or identifying excluded entities that are listed on the GSA Schedule.
Administrator of General Services, the Supreme Court recognized the critical importance of the case concerning the relationship between two of the three branches of government.
Administrator of General Services, the Supreme Court affirmed the lower court's opinion and upheld the constitutionality of the Materials Act.
Administrator of General Services crafted a narrow ruling and specifically rejected the argument that only incumbent presidents could assert the presidential privilege of confidentiality.
Williams, Administrator of General Services Administration (GSA), Region 3.
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