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marketing via a promotion delivered directly to the individual prospective customer

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FlyReply (TM) will employ a combination of its FlyReply (TM) email marketing platform and social media strategies using its AdMail (TM) products to deliver dynamic communications and create greater engagement to the global audience for Ms.
Poems should be sent to Local Poem, United Press Ltd, Admail 3735, London EC1B 1JB, or via the website www.
TO ORDER - complete the coupon here in block letters and send your application, with your postal order or crossed cheque to: Star Direct, The Birmingham Post Classic CD Offer, ADMAIL 68, Plymouth PL1 1AD.
The concern centres on the Admail service which allows mail order firms to give a different address from where they are actually based.
This will be supported by a PO Box or Admail number and means consumers will get a prompt response to queries or requests, minimising the need for any direct involvement by trade customers.
University of Phoenix, CW31, ADAC, Admail West, Altosa Group, Business Wire, Colour Press, Comcast, Duane Toutjian Graphic Design, Halldin Public Relations, Production Strategies, Prosper Magazine, Sacramento Metro Chamber, SARTA, TechCoire and hosted by the American Marketing Association Sacramento Valley.
Users can plan, price and place their Unaddressed Admail orders in minutes, 24 hours a day.
All you have to do is send a poem about Cardiff or another town in Wales to: Local Poem, United Press Ltd, Admail 3735, London EC1B 1JB The best poem will win pounds 1,000 cash and you can send up to three entries, which must be no more than 25 lines (each blank line counts as one line) and 160 words each.
Entries should be sent to United Press, Admail 3735, London, EC1B 1JB, by the closing date.
HOW TO CLAIM: Fill out the form below and send with a cheque (made payable to MGN) or your card details to: The People Free Verbascum, VMGN87, Admail ADM3952, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 1ZZ.
To enter, send the poem to Local Poem, United Press Ltd, Admail 3735, London, EC1B 1JB before December 31.
Send three poems on any subject up to 160 words each to United Press Ltd, Admail 3735, London EC1B 1JB before June 30, or visit www.
uk or post them to Things Kids Say, United Press Ltd, Admail 3735, London, EC1B 1JB.
To order by credit or debit card call 0870 240 3073, quoting ref SMH10368, or send a cheque payable to MGN Ltd to Van Meuwen, Admail ADM3952, Spalding, Lincolnshire PE11 1ZZ, or order online at www.
People should send three unpublished poems of up to 20 lines/160 words to United Press Ltd, Admail 3735, London, EC1B 1JB, before June 30.