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Synonyms for adjuvant

an additive that enhances the effectiveness of medical treatment

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furnishing added support

enhancing the action of a medical treatment

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However, scientific studies revealed variations in the degree of control of weeds and phytopathogenic fungi when using air-assisted boom sprayers or adding adjuvants to the spray solution.
Various adjuvants have been used in order to enhance the immune response against specific antigens (Audibert and Lise, 1993).
As regard to product types, particulate adjuvants will likely grab the majority share of the total market by 2016, which is largely owing to the growing investments in research.
Also, other than the Montanide ISA series, improvement in vaccine responses against a variety of veterinary pathogens has been demonstrated in the use of QCDC adjuvants (Dominowski et al.
On the basis of type, the vaccine adjuvants market is segmented into pathogen components, adjuvant emulsions, particulate adjuvants, combination adjuvants, and others.
Oil Adjuvants: Oil adjuvants can increase the penetration of oil soluble herbicides into plants and are commonly used when conditions are hot and dry or when leaf cuticles are thick.
In this market, adjuvants are used to further enhance the properties of pesticides which cannot be done efficiently with the in-built crop protection product due to space constraints in the adjuvant formula formulation.
Keywords: Adjuvants, contact angle, pH of spray mixture, sulfonylurea herbicide, surface tension
The Oxford researchers now intend to test the PEI adjuvant in ferrets, a better animal model for studying flu.
Usually, immunization with vaccine antigens alone is not able to induce robust or long-lasting immune responses so adjuvants are required.
It must therefore reflect improvements in diagnosing and managing breast cancer with early detection through screening and improved systemic treatment with adjuvants after surgery.
The overall cost of crop protection products may be declining, but growers are paying more for energy, crop nutrients and seed, so they need to get the most from their crop protection purchases, says Bob Herzfeld, adjuvants business manager for AgriSolutions[TM], the Agriliance brand that includes 200 adjuvants, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and seed and grain protectants.
Other technologic breakthroughs should result in effective adjuvants for use with killed and live vaccines, increasing the number of available doses.
If there are any side effects in other animal or human cells, these will be also amplified by adjuvants, and thus not measured in chronic toxicity tests with the active ingredient alone.