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This column has featured certain dental lasers used adjunctively, along with conventional scaling.
Clinical Experience Using Gabapentin Adjunctively in Patients with a History of Mania or Hypomania, 49 J.
The issue becomes a bit less clear in cases where explicitly religious interventions are being used adjunctively without comprising common therapeutic relational factors.
Treatment methods that have been used adjunctively in addiction recovery for many years also may be effective in the treatment of chemo brain.
Using hypnosis adjunctively, the client could be given specific suggestions to assist them to achieve the necessary lifestyle changes in the areas of diet and exercise.
2) and the other group received topiramate adjunctively (7 subjects, mean age 79.
Because EI does not represent any particular theory and uses an inductive approach to arrive at potential research questions (O'Reilly, 2005), it can be used adjunctively with counseling theories before treatment.
Although SFC can be used adjunctively to traditional models, clients who are heavily invested in the traditional 12-step based treatment models may not find solution-focused techniques helpful.
In addition, beta-blockade may be used adjunctively for excessive autonomic activity and has been shown to decrease the manifestations of alcohol withdrawal.
As reinforcement rates are reduced, control of non-depressive behavior by previous controlling stimuli weakens, and depressive behaviors such as negative thinking and feeling "depressed" may increase adjunctively.
The clinical studies will assist in determining the potential benefits of using both absorption and fluorescent techniques adjunctively to further enhance the CTLM(R) system abilities in detecting breast cancer.
Glaucoma surgery is in the midst of a renaissance and there has been particularly strong interest in the development of a glaucoma surgical procedure that can safely and effectively be performed adjunctively at the time of cataract surgery for patients with both conditions," said Dr.
3 utilises a multi-dimensional algorithm, designed to offer more assessment options to help better distinguish embryos with higher developmental potential when used adjunctively with traditional morphology.
This study showed that when a panel of five embryologists adjunctively used the Eeva Test their ability to accurately predict embryo development increased by an average of 53 percent over traditional, morphological grading alone.
The efficacy of LATUDA was established in a 6-week study in adult patients with bipolar depression who were treated adjunctively with lithium or valproate [see Clinical Studies (14.