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the mathematics of triangles and trigonometric functions

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Using the dimensions from the print, we can deter mine the length of the adjacent side and the length of the opposite side.
At this point, the crew moved the receiver to the grass median on the adjacent side of the first set of lanes, at which time the drill operator steered toward the receiver.
In Nassau, the best shopping is on the main thoroughfare of Bay Street and its adjacent side streets.
A comfortable leather chair and ottoman with adjacent side table and reading lamp will provide a place for guests to relax in absolute comfort.
Advisor~s tasks include the following Conducting a feasibility study to identify the possibility of establishing three underground car parks, including - Qualify soil conditions and existing pipeline systems- Traffic impacts on the adjacent side streets- The framework of urban space design for the establishment of the parking facilities.
One of the adjacent sides is then dissected by drawing lines through its centre, parallel to the sides of the largest square and the four quadrilaterals formed can be rearranged, together with the square on the other adjacent side, to fit exactly inside the square on the hypotenuse.
As the most famous shopping districts have filled, we'll see adjacent side streets lease up.
Each chassis ear is held laterally inwardly folded until being deployed by being released and unfolded laterally outward so as to project laterally outward beyond the adjacent side flap.
And Amber's new feature length documentary, Today I'm With You: Byker Revisited - which has grown out of Sirkka's work - will premiere at the adjacent Side Cinema at 7pm on October 1 and 8.
Remember this label with the AA Rule: The angle and the adjacent side always go together.
As you wander through the shops, galleries, and eateries along Manitou Avenue and adjacent side streets, look for the nine historic springs; all are marked with plaques.
A generously sized lounge chair and ottoman with adjacent side table and reading lamp provide relaxation in absolute comfort.
However to facilitate the final surfacing it will be necessary to restrict access onto the Glenshane Road from the adjacent side roads at Hillhead Road, Derganagh Road and Ballynahone Road over a period of five days.
The two measure fields here are the opposite side and the adjacent side and the solution can be found in the same way as in all the previous examples.