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Based on 41 available lateral nasopharyngeal x-rays, complete resolution of CR symptoms was reported for 20 of 26 (77%) patients and partial resolution in 4 of 26 (15%) patients with adenoid hypertrophy (ANr >0.
3) compared the weight and height SDS values of 29 prepubertal patients with adenoid hypertrophy with the values of 20 healthy children and found that the height and weight values of the patient group with ATH before adenotonsillectomy were lower compared to the values of the healthy control group and there was no significant difference between the weight and height SDS values of patients and the control group after operation.
Mild mucosal hypertrophy was present in the left ethmoid and maxillary sinuses, accompanied with ipsilateral asymmetric adenoid hypertrophy (Figure 2).
They suggested that turbulent airflow and compensatory adenoid hypertrophy created by the os vomer defect might have predisposed this patient to ear disease.
Flexible endoscopy revealed a 90% obstruction of the choanae secondary to adenoid hypertrophy.
Flexible endoscopic examination revealed that 4+ adenoid hypertrophy had obstructed the posterior choanae bilaterally (figure).
Linder-Aronson reported that children with adenoid hypertrophy tend to have retroclined upper and lower incisors and a small overbite.